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ARC is a gas fired continuous radiant tube heating system, designed specially for the building it is required to heat. The following criteria form the basis of each particular system design:
  • Heat loss of the building for the required thermal environment
  • Local climate conditions
  • Type of activity in the building
  • Specific architectural features relating to the structure
The ARC system is designed to provide uniform heat coverage over the entire floor area. Alternatively, the system can also cater for distinct zones providing a varied degree of comfort level within the overall layout of the building.
AmbiRad strives to become part of the ‘design team’, working closely with engineers or end users to determine the specific design parameters for the ARC scheme layout. This contact between the company’s engineers and the system designer or client will give the most effective ARC system.

Heating Range ( MBH )

Model Range

The ARC Series continuous radiant tube burner range includes six natural gas or 3 propane burner models from 41,000 to 157,000 Btu/h.
The standard ARC radiant heating system operates with on/off control. As an option it is now possible to control the ARC system using modulation. Any heating system
utilizing on/off control uses the maximum capacity of the heating system to heat the building at all times, even when only a small proportion of the system capacity is required to maintain temperature. This can result in building temperature 'overshoot', lower comfort conditions and higher fuel usage with frequent burner cycling. Utilizing modulation control with burner outputs varying between 60% - 100% of the maximum burner rating will reduce heater cycling, maintain tight temperature control and give improved comfort and lower heating bills.
  • Reduces overall costs, with savings of up to 60% being achieved over conventional heating systems
  • Common vacuum fan operation
  • Modulation option available
  • Stoichiometric or ‘perfect’ combustion
  • Up to 92% combustion efficiency
  • Rapid heat-up times
  • Good aesthetic integration with building
  • Minimal vent penetrations - single vent system. Up to 1,500,000 Btu/h per single discharge
  • Widest range of burner inputs for any continuous system
  • Uniform distribution of heat
  • Capable of running five burners in on radiant branch
  • Mild steel, painless steel or porcelain tail pipes available

Sales Brochures
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Sales Brochures

US - Product Range Brochure
Product Range Brochure
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Installation Manuals
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Installation Manuals

ARC O&M Aug2014 HQ
ARC O&M Aug2014 HQ
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ARC O&M Aug2014 LQ
ARC O&M Aug2014 LQ
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Technical Bulletins
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Technical Bulletins

US - ARC Design Manual
ARC Design Manual
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