News AmbiRad Delivers Comfort for New Eurostar Service Depot

AmbiRad Delivers Comfort for New Eurostar Service Depot

“Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant heating provides good heat
coverage, with nobuild-up of condensation which is essential for the
safety of our workers" Philip Blond of Eurostar.
In a turnkey heating solution from AmbiRad, Nor-Ray-Vac continuous
radiant tube heaters, combined with specially commissioned high-
velocity over door air curtains,are helping maintain comfort conditions
for employees working on trains that service the new Eurostar high
speed rail link between London and the Channel Tunnel.
The maintenance buildings in Temple Mills, Stratford, are part of the
£5.2bn London and Continental Railways (LRC) engineering project, the
UK’s largest civil engineering project and the only major railway line to
be constructed in Britain since 1899. The new line has cut journey times
from London to Paris to just 2h15m.
Two buildings at the Temple Mills depot are heated by Nor-Ray-Vac
radiant heating – the stores and the bogie drop area. In the main maintenance shed, Nor-Ray-Vac burners were installed close to the
entrance/exit doors.
Up to eight 400m long trains can be accommodated in the 24,840m² main shed at any one time, all under cover. Internal temperatures are
protected by specially-built Airbloc air curtains. Project consultants Rail Link Engineering specified a high air duty not available on any off-the shelf
products. Airbloc was the only air curtain manufacturer to take on the challenge of producing air curtains to this unusual spec. To maintain comfort
temperatures around the open doorways,Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tubes were also fitted above.
In the 3,100m² bogie drop area, where just part of the train is worked on while 90% of it remains outside the building, an 18 burner Nor-Ray-Vac
continuous radiant system was installed over the main working area, suspended at either seven or 11 metres.
The Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube heating provides low intensity warmth which can be zoned to ensure only those parts of the building being
used are heated.

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