News AmbiRad radiant heating reaches new heights at state-of-art sports centre

AmbiRad radiant heating reaches new heights at state-of-art sports centre

The vast open space of a cavernous sports hall is always going to be a challenge to heat but at a new £21 million state-of-the-art sports facility for the University of East London (UEL) there was only ever to go to be one solution - Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube heating from AmbiRad.  Installed in excess of 850 sports facilities, it is a proven, highly efficient system that provides operational flexibility and promises considerable cost savings over its lifecycle.

SportsDock at UEL Dockland’s campus is a major new development for the East London communities and will incorporate two 1480m2 sports halls as well as a gym and fitness suite, a sports café and bleacher seating for 400 people. In addition, the centre will provide 2100m2 of academic teaching space over two floors, office accommodation and changing facilities.

Fundamentally very different to all other rooms within the facility, the vast open space of the two multi-purpose halls require more than just conventional heating systems to ensure sufficient heat coverage.  At SportsDock, AmbiRad worked with Ball Hall Ltd on designing a stand-alone radiant tube heating system that had a rapid response to changing conditions and would also provide maximum efficiency and flexibility for the end user.

For the main hall, AmbiRad provided the Nor-Ray-Vac system with 8 x NRV 32LR burners which were arranged in two zones, with one remotely located vacuum fan discharging products of combustion to the atmosphere.  In sports hall 2, the Nor-Ray-Vac system was installed with 6 x NRV 32 LR burners arranged in one zone again with the discharge fan remotely located.  The reflectors covering the radiant tubes are specially designed to ensure objects such as shuttlecocks fall off the system rather than getting lodged at high level.

The Nor-Ray-Vac systems are suspended in the roof of each hall at a height of 8 metres and provide uniform blanket heat coverage for the 1480 m2 buildings.

These efficient systems comply with the requirements of the European Gas Appliance directive (EN 777), have reduced running costs and qualify for inclusion on the government’s energy technology listing.

Sports halls, or any halls of a large scale, can greatly reduce energy consumption without negatively affecting comfort with the simple addition of a radiant tube heating system.  As well as the short term benefit, the system also represents significant savings in both fuel and cost savings.

Following the official unveiling in March, this exemplary sports facility is set to be the new training headquarters for Team USA at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games prior to reopening to the local community and UEL students and staff in Autumn 2012. SportsDock is a world-class sports facility and will make a key contribution to the Olympic legacy.

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