News Comfortable Silence at Newport Sport Village

Comfortable Silence at Newport Sport Village

“The heating system is an excellent support to the quality of our
facilities, making the experience of visitors and athletes a
comfortable one. It is highly effective, quick and quiet to operate
and very economical to run.” Neil Sargeant, manager of the Wales
National Velodrome, comments.
The Newport International Sports Village is a state-of-the-art indoor
sports complex, built and managed by Newport City Council, South
Facilities include a football and athletics stadium, tennis centre, squash
courts, Astroturf pitches and an Olympic-standard Velodrome designed
to host international cycling competitions.
The 7,500m² cycling arena is surrounded by tiered spectator seating.
Within the confines of the steeply-banked cycle track there are 12 badminton courts for public use.
Newport City Council required a heating system that would maintain different comfort temperatures for participants on the cycle track/badminton
area and spectators in the seating area. It also had to be capable of preventing the formation of condensation on the underside of the roof, and be
very quiet in operation.
To heat the race track and badminton courts area, a Nor-ray-Vac continuous radiant tube system comprising 16 burners, each with an output of
46kW was installed. The system is roof-suspended at 10m from floor level.
Above the seating areas, three 35kW AmbiRad linear tube heaters were installed. Both heating systems were flued through the side walls to avoid
roof penetrations. A single control system allows the Nor-Ray-vac and linear radiant tube heaters to be controlled in five separate zones.
Radiant tube heating offers many benefits in sports hall environments. It warms up rapidly yet does not waste energy heating the volume of air in the
building. Players and spectators feel warm, comfort temperatures are maintained and warmth is evenly distributed, but relatively little fuel is
consumed - ensuring the system remains economical.
Flexibility is also built into the system. Five separately controlled zones ensure that the heating needs of ‘active’ parts of the building can be met
without wasting fuel by unnecessarily heating areas that are not being used. For example, a single badminton court can be heated if it’s the only
section of the arena in use.
Radiant heating works by emitting infra-red rays that warm only people and objects. By taking the chill off objects, radiant heating effectively
prevents the formation of condensation within a building. It operates without air movement and is very quiet. However, to ensure near-complete
silence, the fans were housed in acoustic enclosures.

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