News Airbloc Keep it Chic at Baroosh Bar

Airbloc Keep it Chic at Baroosh Bar

"We think we do things a bit differently to most of the bars on the High
Street! Because we believe that our bars are the style of bars  that we
want to go to and have fun in. From a coffee in the morning to a girls
lunch or a big night out!" Peter Furness-Smith, Mcmullen & Sons. The
tailored casing of the air curtain chosen is aesthetically pleasing within
their modern, chic interior.
The Baroosh Bar in Uxbridge High Street is a former gas showroom,
now refurbishedby owners McMullens Brewery into a Sophisticated,
style conscious bar/café that offers drinking and dining throughout
the day.
The showroom facade has been transformed into an impressive two
storey glass frontage, with double doors leading directly from the street.
With no lobby area to prevent cold external air entering the bar, an
effective form of environmental protection was required. 
"In the hospitality sector, a warm and welcoming atmosphere can often be the  difference between success and failure for businesses. That is
why we put considerable effort, time and money into creating a relaxing, comfortable  environment that will keep customers happy and ensure
they come back" Paul Delicata - General Manager.
In addition to keeping warmth in and draughts out, the solution also had to integrate with the style and aesthetics of the refurbished building and
comply with Health and Safety regulations.
An electrically-powered Airbloc Commercial air curtain was installed above the double entrance doors to the bar. The bespoke model has a
stainless steel casing that blends with the interior décor. A back-lit nameplate advertises the bar to the street, while the indoor face of the air
curtain shows a fire exit sign. Whilst recessed down lighting illuminates the door in an emergency.
The Airbloc Commercial air curtain is highly effective in maintaining internal comfort conditions despite a continual influx of cold air through the
entrance doors. It does this by creating a powerful downward flow of air that forms an impenetrable barrier between the internal and external
environments. The tailored casing of the air curtain is aesthetically pleasing within the modern, chic interior. The additional emergency signage and
lighting also help ensure that the Baroosh Bar is compliant with Health and Safety regulations.

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