News A Warm Welcome Awaits at The Keswick Hotel

A Warm Welcome Awaits at The Keswick Hotel

"In 2002 Choice Hotels purchased the building and strives to provide
excellent service to all its guests. An on-going refurbishment
programme of the hotels bedrooms, public areas and working
environments ensures a first class location for any occasion"
Duncan Berry Chief Executive.
The Keswick Hotel in the heart of the Lake District is a charming
Victorian country house hotel with 21st century facilities and a 
reputation for fine cuisine.
Speed of service and the smooth running of the kitchens is assisted by
the fact that the kitchen and the food preparation area are adjoining, with a doorway in between.However, to maintain optimum organisation, the
door must remain open, allowing staff easy access to both areas.
"I run a tight ship here at the Keswick Hotel and I insist that the doorway between the kitchen and food preparation area remains clear at all
times" says Head Chef Chris Lyon.
While temperatures in the kitchen soar, air temperature in the food preparation area has to be maintained at just 10°C – a near impossible feat with
doorway in constant use.
“The Airbloc air curtain is highly effective in keeping the food preparation area cool – an essential part of the hygiene and smooth running
of the hotel’s kitchen” Keith Walker of Refrigeration (Mitton) Ltd comments.
An Airbloc AC1000 over door air curtain was installed over the doorway to deliver a sheet of ambient air across the opening. By maintaining a
downward flow of air at critical velocity across the doorway, the Airbloc air curtain can very effectively separate the two distinct areas of the
hotel’s kitchen.
Internal air cannot travel across the down flow so there is no heat exchange between the two areas. Heat generated by the cooking process is
‘sealed’within the kitchen, ensuring the food prep area remains at a constant and relatively cool 10°C.

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