News Patients Get a Healthy Outlook from Airbloc

Patients Get a Healthy Outlook from Airbloc

Providing healthcare in the boroughs of Barnet, Hammersmith and
Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster, "We're the NHS
community healthcare provider infour London boroughs, we employ
more than 3,000 health professionals and support staff to provide
community and in-patient services to almost 1 million people across
 London so is imperative that our staff and patients are comfortable"
NHS Board of Directors.
Edgware Community Hospital is one of a new breed of NHS day
hospitals providing outpatient treatment for the North West London
Hospitals Trust. Built on the site of the former Edgware Hospital at Burnt
Oak, the facility offers accident and emergency treatment, day surgery, a
children’s health centre and a birthing suite. Overnight beds are limited.
The building is a model of modern hospital design – spacious, light and
calming.Visitors using the main entrance step through an enclosed
entrance lobby, designed as an isolated pod on the curtain walling, into a central atrium.
For the comfort of staff, patients and visitors, the main entrance, and the Emergency Centre, need to be kept free from draughts entering from
outside. It was imperative that any equipment installed to achieve a draught-free environment harmonised with the design and visual appeal of
the interior.
In the main entrance lobby, an Airbloc AC surface-mounted air curtain was positioned above the doorway. The model selected is semi-circular in
profile and has a white casing to blend with the surroundings.
In the Emergency Centre, an Airbloc ACR recessed air curtain was installed above the entrance doors, discreetly positioned in the ceiling void.
The air curtains effectively create environmental separation between the internal and external atmospheres where the doors are opened. In winter,
cold draughts will be excluded and warm air retained inside. In summer, the opposite applies – hot, humid air from outside cannot enter and cool
conditions are maintained within. Year round, comfort conditions are maintained for the building’s occupants.
Both air curtains answer the architect’s requirements for aesthetic compatibility with this ultra-modern design. The surface mounted model was
specified in white to match the frames of the curtain walling. The recessed air curtain is unobtrusive above the doorway.

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