News Full House for Airbloc at Opera Bingo Hall

Full House for Airbloc at Opera Bingo Hall

Offering the latest in bingo technology Opera Bingo is striving to be a
popular bingo venue in Workington Cumbria, "At Opera Bingo
Workington,Whitehaven and the Rex in Carlisle we guarantee a high
quality,fun-filled bingo experience at the best possible value and a
warm welcoming environment is essential to attracting customers"
Managing Director GCL Leisure Group .
The new Opera Bingo club in Workington, Cumbria, is a popular social
and leisure venue for local people, offering a comfortable environment
which includes luxury seating and a state-of-the-art ventilation system
to maintain a smoke-free atmosphere.The premises represent a new
generation of bingo venues in the UK. In addition tonightly bingo
sessions, facilities include a restaurant and bar, Las Vegas-style fruit
machines and plasma TV.
An inviting environment is important in attracting customers to the new bingo hall, which can accommodate up to 850 people. The lobby area, where
most customers enter the building, opens directly on to the car park. As the doors open and close, draughts and cold wind have the potential to mar
 the warmth of the foyer and give a negative impression of the venue.
“We aim to offer an experience that could be enjoyed by anyone and everyone and the new club has certainly achieved this. The air curtains
are effective in keeping the foyer warm and shielded from cold draughts.” Opera Bingo Manager Shaun Edwards comments.
Two Airbloc energy saving air curtains were installed above the main pedestrian and disabled entrance doors of the 111m_ lobby. The models used
are Airbloc AC2000 SE18 electrically heated units. Each unit is two metres wide, with a powerful 18kW output.
The heated units deliver a sheet of warmed air at critical velocity across the entire width of each doorway. This ensures that cold external air cannot
enter the lobby area, even when the wind is gusting. The units will effectively block winds of up to 15mph. Even at peak times, when doors are
opening constantlyto allow customers in, comfort conditions within thelobby are maintained. Customers notice only that the premises are warm,
creating positive perceptions of the venue.

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