News Pomme d'Or Beat the Harbour Chill with Airbloc

Pomme d'Or Beat the Harbour Chill with Airbloc

Superbly located in the centre of St. Helier, overlooking Liberation Square
and the yacht marina, the Pomme d'Or has been a centre for business and
pleasure for more than 175 years.  " Today the hotel combines its strong
tradition of guest hospitality and care with a contemporary, metropolitan
design which is perfect for both the leisure and business traveller. It is
very important to us to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, whilst
maintaining our contemporary decor" Luis de Oliveira General 
Manager at Seymour Hotels of Jersey.
The Pomme d’Or is one of Jersey’s most renowned hotels – and a
significant building in the island’s history. It was on the hotel balcony that
British soldiers raised the Union Jack on May 9th 1945 to mark the liberation
from German occupation. HM The Queen delivered a speech from the same
balcony on the 60th anniversary of liberation.
The hotel entrance faces the harbour, making it prone to catch the
prevailing winds off the English Channel. As part of a £5m refurbishment
programme by owners Seymour Hotels, the upgrading of the lobby area to
create a warm, inviting, draughtfree environment was key. However, interior
design considerations and physical restrictions on space meant a
conventional solution was not appropriate.
‘The Airbloc air curtain works extremely well in preventing the prevailing
winds that come in off the Channel. Although the island’s climate is
generally mild, the winds can be chilly and strong. The air curtain ensures
the lobby area remains unaffected by windy conditions.’ David Renouf,
Maintenance Manager for the Seymour Group of Hotels, comments.
An Airbloc AC two-metre wide air curtain was positioned above the entrance
doors. Thechassis unit has a 20mm wide aperture through which the
curtain of air is delivered.In this application, the unit was recessed in the
ceiling space above the doors and concealed behind a narrow grille. (A 
conventional recessed unit would have required a 2m x 400mm grille.)
The Airbloc chassis unit is completely hidden behind the 20mm wide grille
above the doorway, answering the hotel’s requirement for a solution that would not be visible to visitors.
The air curtain remains highly effective, delivering a down draught of heated or ambient air across the doorway. The velocity of the air is such that it
creates a barrier that separates internal and external environments when the doors are open, even when the wind speed reaches up to 15mph. Dust
and flying insects are also excluded, maintaining a pleasant environment as guests enter the hotel.

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