News A Warmer Future is in Sight for Cooper-Vision

A Warmer Future is in Sight for Cooper-Vision

Cooper Vision is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of contact lenses. "We recognize that great things come from great people, to help build and support our team, we offer an environment that’s energizing, engaging, and satisfying" Dennis Murphy, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing.

Flexibility has proved to be a key advantage of Airbloc air curtains for contact lens manufacturer Cooper-Vision of Fareham, Hampshire.

The 2-storey atrium reception area of the company’s new 11,000m² office and warehouse complex suffered from draughts every time the main entrance doors were opened. These were often powerful enough to slam shut the doors to the storage areas, as well as making the area feel uncomfortably cold.

A solution was required that would firstly eliminate draughts, secondly warm the area during cold weather spells and finally provide fresh air movement in hot weather.

It is very important to Cooper Vision to maintain a positive environment for employees to work in; "In 2011, the Bay Area News Group named our parent company, The Cooper Companies, as one of the “Top Workplaces in the Bay Area” for the second consecutive year. We’ve also received other numerous awards and recognition" commented Dennis Murphy, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing.

A 2-metre Airbloc AC air curtain was installed above the main entrance doors to the building, immediately beneath a reinforced steel joist that is clad and painted to minimise its appearance. The Airbloc air curtain was specially painted in exactly the same shade of grey as the steelwork – something other air curtain suppliers were unable to achieve. A second, ambient Airbloc AC was also fitted to the doorway between the warehouse and the disabled undercroft car parking area. Previously, the door had slammed shut frequently, preventing disabled people accessing the car park. Using an air curtain keeps draughts out and warmth in, without creating a physical barrier.

The electrically-heated Airbloc air curtain delivers a barrier of air across the main doorways, effectively preventing draughts or cold winds entering the building. When required, the sheet of air can be heated to provide warmth to the reception area and to prevent conditioned air escaping from the building. In summer, the air curtain simply runs on the fan, introducing cool air to the area.

Fitted with emergency lights and an exit sign, the air curtain serves an additional safety purpose.

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