News Pontefract Market Works at Keeping Everybody Happy

Pontefract Market Works at Keeping Everybody Happy

Pontefract Market hall offers a wide variety of quality goods and is open
for trading six days a week, "The 37 units in the market hall are
constantly bustling with local residents and visitors to the area
wanting to sample some of the areas delights, so is imperative we
meet the comfort needs oboth the customer and stall holders" 
Pontefract Councillor Ms Celia Loughran
The Grade I listed Victorian market hall is the central landmark in the
West Yorkshire town of Pontefract. Accommodating up to 50 stalls that
sell anything from food to wool, the building is a focal point for the 
commercial life of the town.
But in the building’s 120-year history, it had never been heated
effectively. An existing quartz electrical heating system was insufficient to
meet the comfort needs of stallholders and customers,leading to many 
complaints. With doorways in constant use,what little heat was
produced by the existing system simply escaped while cold draughts from outside added to the occupants’ discomfort.
A brand new gas-fired warm air heating system from AmbiRad was installed to heat the main body of the market hall. Three heaters were wall
mounted at 5m from floor level. Two units operate on air recirculation to maintain the system’s economical running;the third unit has a full fresh air
option to provide ventilation and ‘free’ cooling in summer.
Airbloc AC ambient air curtains, positioned above each door of the building, ensure interior warmth is kept inside and cold draughts are excluded.
The Airbloc air curtains complement the economy and energy saving capability of the warm air heating system by helping to maintain constant
comfort temperatures within the building. By keeping out cold air from outside, the air curtains eliminate the requirement to recover comfort 
temperatures each time the doors open as customers enter and leave.
The heating design scheme ensures that all parts of the building are heated evenly and effectively, while the Airbloc air curtains maintain a draught-
free environment.

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