News SEW Eurodrive Invest in AmbiRad Nor-Ray-Vac Energy Efficient Radiant Heating System

SEW Eurodrive Invest in AmbiRad Nor-Ray-Vac Energy Efficient Radiant Heating System

Heating and ventilation specialist, AmbiRad have successfully completed a daunting project for drive technology innovators, SEW Eurodrive.

SEW Eurodrive were looking for a new facility to service the increasing demands of its customers.  The brand new building required the most efficient radiant heating system in order to reduce running costs.  The facility required blanket radiant heat coverage with the capability of being specifically zoned to the production process layout.

AmbiRad’s Nor-Ray-Vac radiant tube heating system provided the ideal solution.  It warms up rapidly yet does not waste energy heating the volume of air in the building.  Employees in the workshop feel warm, and comfortable temperatures are maintained with warmth being evenly distributed but relatively little fuel is consumed, ensuring the system remains economical. 

The workshop area, which is now over 7500 sq m, holds stock over £2.5m worth of components ready for assembly, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  The new self cooling, naturally ventilated workshop and offices boast automatic sensor controlled lighting, roof mounted 50k/VA photo voltaic cells to help provide electricity, and solar panels to help with hot water as well as an air source heat pump for under floor heating.

Now, based on a 10 acre site, still in Normanton, with a total area of 10,000 sq m, the new purpose built facility offers everything needed to be able to service the increasing demands of customers. The Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant heating system, help to make the new assembly plant building a truly modern and eco-friendly environment both inside and out.



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